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General terms

1. According to these Terms and Conditions, SIA Sapala Riga sells goods located on this website.

The buyer buys and accepts the goods according to the assortment which it specifies on the order placed on the Internet store site (hereinafter - the Order). The right to property is transferred to the Buyer with the date of full payment of the purchase price and receipt of the goods. If the purchase of goods (order) takes place in the Internet shop. Between SIA Sapala Riga and the Buyer, a distance contract is automatically concluded. The rights arising from the distance contract are applicable to the Buyer who, in accordance with regulatory enactments, is to be considered a consumer. 

2. By purchasing in the Internet shop and accepting these Terms, the buyer confirms that he is a legal person of full age. If the buyer is a legal person, it is at the disposal of a person authorized by him. The buyer confirms that he will use the Internet shop in accordance with the regulatory enactments. In the event of any breach of the Terms and Conditions, SIA Sapala Riga has the right to immediately resign from the purchase agreement made by the buyer.

Price and payment procedure

3. In the Internet shop, all the prices offered with VAT. By accepting the order in accordance with the order form, the buyer agrees to pay the price of the current item. 

4. The buyer pays for the additional price of the item for the delivery of the goods, if the charge for the particular type of delivery is determined. By confirming the order in accordance with the order form, the buyer agrees with the actual delivery prices indicated therein, if any, for the amount and payment. The Buyer is obliged to cover the costs of delivery of the Sapala Riga Ltd. in the amount of the delivery service price even in case the goods have not been delivered to the buyer due to the fault (including non-compliance at the agreed place / time), as well as the costs of re-delivery if such the parties have agreed.

5. Payment for the goods and the selected delivery service can be made by bank transfer to the bank account specified by SIA Sapala Riga,  through the PayPal payment system, also with VISA and MASTERCARD. 

6. The payment for the purchase of goods shall be certified by a payment document (payment order). If the buyer pays for bank transfer, then the day the payment is received at the bank account of SIA Sapala Riga, is considered as the payment day.

Ordering and delivery of goods

7. In order to make a purchase of the item, the buyer who has agreed to these Terms and Conditions fills in the order form on the Internet store's website and accepts it by pressing the button with the relevant reference. Order acceptance includes buyer's obligation to pay. SIA Sapala Riga sends confirmation of the entry into force and execution of the order upon receipt of the buyer's order. The order is valid until it is executed or until it departs from the cases provided for in these Terms. 

8. The delivery of the goods to the buyer is made in the manner chosen by the buyer, after payment of the purchase price and the price of the selected delivery service.

9. Delivery of the goods, according to the order indicated and the price of the delivery service specified in the order.

10. The buyer has an obligation to be reached by the e-mail and / or mobile telephone number indicated on the order in order to agree with the supplier of the goods (courier) on the details of delivery (time, place) and other matters for the execution of the order.

11. The delivery of the goods according to the order is deemed to have been performed and the order is fulfilled if the goods are delivered at the address indicated by the buyer.

12. SIA Sapala Riga unilaterally resigns from the execution of the order unless the parties agree otherwise if the delivery of the goods can not be carried out according to the type of delivery specified in the order within the terms and in the manner prescribed by these Terms and Conditions due to the fault of the buyer or due to the circumstances of the buyer, that is, the buyer in these Regulations has not received the goods at the specified address within the prescribed time limit.

13. If SIA Sapala Riga unilaterally resigns from the purchase, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the submission by the buyer, before agreeing the amount of repayment with the buyer, the buyer reimburses the purchase price received from it, if any, in the cases specified in these Terms, withholding from it expenses for delivery service at delivery price, if delivery is required by courier according to the order. The application for repayment of the money must be submitted not later than within a year from the day of purchase, and after the expiry of this term the buyer loses the right to request a refund.

Use and quality of the product

14. The buyer is obligated to use the product only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, in accordance with the characteristics of the product and its intended use.

15. SIA Sapala Riga guarantees that the products sold meet the manufacturer's warranties and standards. The display of the item in the online store may vary in nature.

16. Claims regarding the conformity of the goods with the terms of the contract are settled in accordance with the norms of the Consumer Rights Protection Law. SIA Sapala Riga obligations do not apply to defects caused by improper use, transportation and / or storage of the goods, as well as for normal wear and tear of the product during its operation.

Obligations and other terms of the parties

17. The buyer may submit a complaint regarding the purchase of the goods electronically by completing and sending an application form found on the website. SIA Sapala Riga sends an answer to the buyer's complaint no later than within 30 (days). Disputes over fulfillment of commitments are negotiated.

18. A buyer who, in accordance with regulatory enactments, is to be considered a consumer (a natural person), has the right to refuse to purchase goods in the form of a distance in accordance with regulatory enactments.

Right of withdrawal

19. The buyer has the right to cancel this agreement within 14 (fourteen) days without giving any reason.

20. The exercise of the right of withdrawal will expire after 14 days from the date you acquired or acquired by the third party who is not the carrier and indicated by you.

21. To use the right of withdrawal, you must inform us at SIA Sapala Riga about the decision to waive this agreement

22. In order to comply with the right of withdrawal, it is sufficient for you to send your notice of exercise of the refusal before expiry of the withdrawal period.

23. The buyer will have to bear the direct costs associated with returning the goods:

23.1 expenses for delivery of goods

23.2 direct return of goods

23.3 depreciation of goods if the goods are used for a different purpose, and not for the clarification of the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods

24. By exercising the right of withdrawal, you are responsible for the use of the product, which goes beyond the nature of the goods, properties and operational purpose of the goods.The consumer can not exercise the right of withdrawal.

25. Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 255 of 20 May 2014 "Regulations on a Distance Contract" in the cases specified in Paragraph 26, including, if:the price of the product depends on fluctuations in the financial market, which the seller can not control and which may arise during the period of the cancellation;the goods are made according to the instructions of the consumer or are clearly personalized;


26. The Buyer agrees to process the processing of his personal data specified in the use of the Internet shop for the fulfillment of the order (contract), including the transfer to third parties for provision of supplies, processing of payments, creation of purchaser's databases and statistics, as well as to verify the buyer's creditworthiness and ability to meet payment obligations. SIA Sapala Riga has the right to transfer to third parties the debt, if any, of the debt, if any, of the proceeds of the purchase, the data for the recovery of the purchaser's debt, which also includes the right to use the purchaser's personal data for the creation of the buyer's credit history and the data of the buyer in the databases of the debt history and credit information offices.

27. When making purchases in the Internet shop, the buyer agrees to receive commercial communications from SIA Sapala Riga with the e-mail address indicated by the buyer.

28. The Internet store website uses cookies. By using this website, the buyer agrees to use cookies for performance / analytical purposes.

29. SIA Sapala Riga uses the buyer's e-mail address and / or mobile phone number to communicate with the buyer. All notices delivered to the buyer by e-mail address and telephone number indicated on the order are considered received.

30. When you visit an online store and make orders in it, the buyer agrees to these Terms. Any new services and functionality of the Internet Store, apply to these Terms. SIA Sapala Riga has the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting them on this site, and the buyer is obligated to review the Terms before using the Internet store and ordering it. Use of the Internet shop and the execution of an order after the publication of any changes to the Terms of Service serves as the buyer's consent to these amendments.


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